April 2018  
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Misión Creciendo en Cristo
Missionary: Juan Carlos Posadas

Now meeting at:

Berean Baptist Church

5512 Pike Ave.

North Little Rock, AR 72118


Juan Carlos Posadas Personality Profile (May 2015)

   Address: 9018 Barber St, Sherwood 72120, AR

   E-mail address: jposadasz@gmail.com

   Mission field elected to: North Little Rock

   My ministry will include planting churches.

   What other fields have you served in? It is my first time working as a missionary. I have served my Lord as elder in my church and as a church planter in Mexico and Honduras. I have been serving as the president of the board of Directors in the Evangelical Hospital of Siguatepeque, Honduras. (www.hospitalevangelico.org). I also served as the coordinator of the youth committee of the Central area of Honduras.

   Occupation: Electrical and Industrial Engineer

   Wife’s given and maiden name: Sayra Menjivar

   Children’s names: María Fernanda (15) and José Carlos (11)

   My favorite hymn is Cuán Grande es Él (How Great Thou Art).

   My favorite subject in school was Social Studies.

   The best advice I ever received was: “Don’t be so serious; take it easy.”

   Guests at my “fantasy dinner” would be Jesus and The Apostle Paul.

   My hobbies are: soccer, spending time with my family and watching movies.

   I would love to visit Europe with my family.

   My “pet peeve” is injustice.

   My most embarrassing moment was: I had to give the speech at the closing ceremony of my English course, and my mind went blank in front of all the audience.

   The Bible character I most identify with is Paul because of his persistence.

   The best thing about my ministry is that I’m working with my family.

   The greatest need in this ministry is disciples with a strong commitment with God.

   Something most people don’t know about me is that I’m not Mexican; I’m Honduran.

   I want my children to remember to be the people that God wants them to be.

   I’d give anything to have met the purpose of God for my life.

   I have always wanted to ride in a glider.

   I’d like for my epitaph to read: He was a great husband, a excellent father, an amazing grandpa and, overall, a good son of God.

   Other comments: Please pray for the grace of God before the people that we'll share the gospel.